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Travel Solo – Tips In Planning Your Budget

solo travelMore and more people are travelling solo these days and why not? There are a lot of advantages when you travel by yourself than when you are in a group as you can go anywhere on your phase while meeting and relying more on the locals which are more advantageous if you aim at having a richer, more fulfilling journey.

But of course, like any kind of travelling, you will need careful planning on how you spend your budget, Here are some tips to plan your budget and enjoy your destination at the same time.

How much is your actual budget?

If you are aiming to go to your chosen destinations but is on a tight budget, start calculating the whole cost of the trip. Check the dates for the off-season and see if it makes a difference in your budget. If you want to travel during the peak season but don’t have a big budget, then better save more before you actually go to your chosen destination.

However, some travellers do not want to put off their travelling plans even if they are on a tight budget and they also want to travel during the peak season. If you also want to do the same, consider these:

Your goal is to travel and not the actual destination. This mostly applies to travellers who actually just want to see the world as it is. They mostly do not care where they will end up, but they mostly care about what they have seen and meet. Most travellers who are also practising such mantra are happy and contented travellers.

Search for the best budget destinations. If you are going on a limited budget, you should also check what countries are great for budget solo travellers. The Internet has a lot of resources and tips for such places which you also take advantage off.

Tips To Make Your Travelling More Fun

travel tips woodendWhether you have been traveling a lot and already a seasoned explorer, it is actually not difficult to travel. The key to traveling great is to learn the behaviours of the people, the culture and the country in full. So what does it mean for you?

Well, travelling actually is not just visiting the touristy highlights although it is actually good to see those main attractions, but be sure to also find the time to visit the less documented spots too. Here are some tips to make your traveling more fun:

Talk to the locals

It can be very tempting to just stay within the confines of your resort and just enjoy your vacation right where you are. But while thinking of your safety, you can also challenge yourself to do something different. Try to talk to the locals and ask them for recommendations. If you think their recommendations are good to follow, then why not and go to their recommended destination.

Take public transportation

Instead of getting an Uber or taxi, why not ride a bus to get a feel on the neighborhood? Just make sure to be careful with your belongings and bring a map or turn on your GPS just to make sure you don’t get lost.

Record your memory

You can keep a diary or take photos to record your days. Make sure to let yourself remember most of your trip. But make sure not to focus too much on posting your pictures on Instagram or else you might also miss out on the adventures you are making.

How You Can Maximize And Enjoy Your 3-Day Vacation

short vacation woodendThese days, most people are taking a short vacation trip because of the demanding nature of jobs. If you are thinking of 3-day holiday vacation, then these tips will help you maximize a short holiday and have the best experience.

Look for destinations that will not take a lot of travel time

You do not want to waste your short holiday with long travel time from one place to another. Choose a place that you like close to your hotel or place of residence. You may also choose a small place on the outskirts of your city. If you are considering a destination that requires plane travel, then make sure to consider the travel time needed to reach the place you intend to visit. Also, keep in mind that that shorter the distance, the lower airfare they will be.

Plan what to do

Decide what you want to do at your chosen location. If you are looking for a relaxing stay or to just enjoy a de-stressing moment, then you do not have to make a lot of planning. Simply, book a hotel before flying out. On the other hand, if you are looking for an adventurous vacation, then you must choose the places you want to see. You may want to get in touch with a travel operator or local guide to help you on your adventure trip and take you to different places within your allowed vacation time.

Spa break

If you’re into a tranquil and relaxing vacation, then consider getting a spa massage. A fabulous spa getaway can make a successful unwinding and pampering of yourself. If you just want to get away from the tension of work-related worries then this is a perfect way to enjoy your vacation. However, you will have to choose a spa carefully. Usually, hotels have spas or provide you with spa locations you can get in touch with. Consult a spa expert before you decide to have a message to that you get the right kind of treatment and enjoy a therapeutic experience.

These tips can help you enjoy a nice 3-day vacation. You can maximize the short time you have for your vacation and come back rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again.

Travel and Leisure – When Should You Use Wheelie Suitcases?

travel and leisure ipswichDo you know that it is never a good idea to travel with a wheelie suitcase? If you are new to travelling better ditch that type of suitcase and just go for an ordinary backpack.

But why shouldn’t you use a wheelie suitcase since you really do not want to carry all your thing behind your back all the time? Well, simply because you really do not know how are the sidewalks to the places you are going to visit and if you are really unfortunate, your fancy suitcase with wheels may become an extra burden for you instead of providing you ease.

When should you use wheelie suitcases?

If you know you will be spending most of your time in wealthy countries, in hotel lobbies, and you know the place where you are going has a lot of good sidewalks, then, by all means, bring your rolling suitcases. In case you are going somewhere cheap and you will be moving a lot, then just bring a backpack.

If you are travelling like a backpacker, then play the part and bring your backpack.

Keep this in mind that in some Asian countries and in Latin America, sidewalks are mostly used for parking, or for food stalls to be placed in, or store boxes, or to just run a business. As much as their government would want to use the sidewalks for walking, but in most cases, they are not used for that purpose.

There are some instances that you may also encounter bad sidewalks and country roads which will make using a rolling suitcase difficult.

As much as you want to be comfortable while travelling, make sure to check the place where you are going. If you are travelling from the airport and will be getting the taxi straight to your hotel and the same when you go back, then you can bring your wheelie suitcase otherwise, just bring your backpack to travel easily.

Camels on the beach_Broome

Broome Beauty

Camels on the beach_Broome

Some of us are lucky enough to call Australia home.  If you’re interested in beautiful beaches, unique sunset snapshots, remnants of the Cretaceous era, beautiful pearls, or especially all of the above, you need to visit the town of Broome, found in Western Australia. While the town has a population close to 15,000 (as of 2016), this number swells to nearly 50,000 when tourist season arrives. There’s a good reason so many people make Broome their holiday destination. It’s home to a picturesque natural environment, immense dinosaur footprints, and great places to eat and shop. If you choose to travel to Broome by car or motorcycle, here are some of the things you can expect to do and see.

White Sand Beaches and Camel Rides

Now, Broome is where you can find Cable Beach, so named because it’s where an 1889 telegraph cable that ran from Java, Indonesia, came up onto the shore of Western Australia. Today, that beach offers a flat expanse of lovely, white sand that extends for more than 20 kilometers. It’s a great place to wade into warm, ocean water, and the sunsets that can be viewed from here can be spectacular. What Cable Beach adds to that already amazing equation is the possibility of riding a camel on the beach, as the sun proceeds to dip below the horizon. If you’re looking for a travel picture and experience that truly stands out, it’s hard to beat something like that.

Huge Dinosaur Tracks

For travelers looking to find a way to connect with the Earth’s prehistoric periods, Broome offers coastal areas which contain what are possibly the largest footprints of dinosaurs to be found. Some of these dino footprints, thought to be made by sauropods, measure as much as 1.7 meters in length. They can be spotted along the coast when the tide is low. All in all, it appears that there are more than 20 kinds of dinosaur tracks (including those of the ankylosaurus and stegosaurus) in the area. That said, it’s a good idea to hire a guide when visiting the coast. The dinosaur tracks may be difficult to spot at first to the untrained eye, but once you’ve seen them, they cannot be unseen.

Local Pearl Industry and History

Broome also offers many great places to shop for pearls. The town has a long relationship with the pearl industry, from oyster harvesting in the late 1800’s, all the way to the pearl farms being used today. This means that the town has many boutiques where visitors can window shop, try on, and buy pearl jewelry. Dampier Terrace, with its various stores, is sometimes referred to as Australia’s pearl capital. And if you’re looking to learn more about the history of Broome’s pearl industry, there’s the Memorial to Indigenous Female Pearl Divers, as well as the local Japanese cemetery, where hundreds of Japanese pearl divers are buried.

Clearly, Broome is a town which has much variety to offer to visitors and travelers. It has lovely beaches that are great for watching sunsets and taking pictures. It offers huge dinosaur footprints for people looking to get a glimpse into prehistory. And Broome has many shops where people can buy lovely South Sea pearl jewelry, as well as markers and memorials that recall the history of pearl diving in the area.